Maintenance Reset Kit For Xerox Phaser Color Qube 8570 8580 8700 8870 8880 8900

Buy This Chip Reset Counter Instead of the Entire Maintenance Kit and Save $$$ (Works for 109R00783 )

If have a Xerox Phaser Color Qube printer, you can add oil to your old maintenance roller (please see link at bottom). Then, with our counter refurbishing kit you can reset the counter to 30,000 copies, then just replace the maintenance roller later and/or replace the oil as necessary. It is important to know that the when you purchase our counter reset that you are responsible for replacing the oil in the roller, the roller was not meant to be run dry hence why it normally needs to be replaced if oil is not added back manually. Some suggestions of how to add oil are provided at the bottom of page. In addition this kit can convert the counter in standard kits to extended kits, the standard kits do contain less oil however so that must be compensated by end users. Our printer maintenance reset kit does not include the roller and plastic enclosure as you will reuse these from your old kit. The old counter board will need to be lifted out of the mechanical holder and replaced by ours.

We offer this kit for only $29.00 free shipping ($7.00 rebate for core counter return) to all international countries including US, Canada, Mexico, S. and Central America, UK, Europe Union countries, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Baltic and most East European Nations. If you live outside of one of these countries please let us know before purchasing as we may not be able to ship to your country due to customs and import restrictions. Also, countries not included in the free shipping list above there will be an additional $13.00 fee that we will invoice through PayPal separately to cover additional expenses such as insurance, confirmation, and customs taxes. Those international countries not listed above as free international shipping requiring the additional fee will receive the a shipping invoice (via PayPal) within a 2-day period after the payment (same purchase link above) is received in our account. Also, we reserve the right to cancel and void the transaction if we cannot ship to your country or additional shipping charges are not payed in a reasonable time. If for any reasons we have to terminate a transaction the customer is guaranteed there money back. This may take up to 3 weeks (but usually sooner) to clear customs so please be patient for arrival. Also we provide some information how to add oil to your old roller in the appendix below so that you can save 100's of dollars in the future. In addition to this product we have reset counters for the older 840, 850, 860, and 8200 printers (click link). or 8400 8500 C2424 8550 8560 8590 8860 printers (click link instead)

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Recharge Kit

ColorQube 8570 8580 8700 8870 8880 8900
Maintenance Kit Reset Chip

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>>Often our customers ask if there is a way to add new oil back to their old roller. I've used the following method with good results and offer advice for free, use the info with your own discretion and liability. Please click here to learn how to add oil back to your old roller<<

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