Xerox Phaser Reset Maintenance Counter Kit for 016-1933-00 or 016-1932-00

Recharge Reset Kit For Tektronix Xerox Phaser 840 850 860 8200 Printer

Buy This Reset Counter Instead of the Entire Maintenance Kit of 016-1933-00, 016-1932-00, 016-1834-00, or 016-1727-00 and Save $$$

If you have a Tektronix/Xerox Phaser printer, you can add oil to your old maintenance roller (please see link at bottom). Then, with our counter refurbishing kit you can reset the counter to 45,000 copies, then just replace the maintenance roller later and/or replace the oil as necessary. It is important to know that the when you purchase our counter reset that you are responsible for replacing the oil in the roller, the roller was not meant to be run dry. Hence why it normally needs to be replaced if oil is not added back manually. We sell the do it yourself kit for $19.99 and it takes less than one minute to refurbish the old counter (see installation instructions below). We also sell a reset kit for 8400 C2424 8550 8560 8580 8590 8860 printers (click here) or ColorQube 8570 8700 8870 8900 printers (click this link instead)

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$19.99 Recharge Kit

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Directions to Install Your Recharged Maintenance Counter

Step 1:

The Maintenance Counter is found in the maintenance drawer as show below remove this tray and press the ears while lifting up to release the plastic counter from the tray.

Step 2:

Using a jewelers flathead or small flathead screwdriver release the plastic latch so that the back cover is released. You will be able to see how to open the latch by looking inward to the pins on the opposite side while moving the screwdriver. Push the flat end of the hook downwards while simultaneously pulling open the back cover.

Step 3:

Open the cover by bending at the plastic hinge until the cover is displaced and the spent circuit board is displayed.

Step 4:

Remove the old circuit board by pulling outward as shown below. Properly dispose of used circuit board.

Step 5:

Replace with the purchased recharged counter circuit board.

Step 6:

Close the cover until latched again. Insert back into maintenance tray. Then insert maintenance tray into Phaser printer. You now have 45,000 copies reported to the CPU, it is very important to monitor the quality of prints to know when to replace the roller. If you see previous ghost images or the paper starts to jam then you should not print anymore until replacing the entire maintenance roller. We hope you enjoy the product.